Aging Issues

As I myself grow older, I am aware of the many changes in my body, but mostly on my outlook on life. We spend most of our lives thinking of the future and looking towards our next dream or accomplishment. When we are somewhere in our seventies it occurs to us that life isn’t as much about an uphill climb as it is a downhill slide.

I am also aware that this is not a topic folks talk much about with each other, so growing older can be more lonely. Our media puts much attention on running one more mile, swimming one more lap and trying to keep aging at bay. Our bodies will continue to age according to our genetic plan. This may be a time in our lives to attend to our bodies and our health, but also to come to terms with the reality of our present and future limitations. A time to review where we have been and where we are going, and a time to learn to live in the present and to meet our future with peace and equanimity. I think it can be helpful and healing to explore the meaning of our lives, and also be able to talk about our feelings about death and dying.

Birth, life and death are all a part of our cycle. Perhaps we can learn to embrace this last period of our life instead of trying to avoid it. I think it is helpful to be able to talk about aging gracefully, fearlessly and peacefully, and to process the meaning of the life we have lived. We can do this individually, or in a very small group. I give special consideration to people who no longer have insurance.