Alcohol Abuse

I have been working with individuals with alcohol issues and their loved ones in private practice for almost 40 years. I worked at Oregon State Hospital on their alcohol unit and at Tualatin Valley Mental Health Center working with alcoholics and their families. I was also the clinical director for a DUII program for Multnomah County for 7 years.

I support AA and think it is an important process towards a lasting sobriety and a more satisfying life. However many people may also benefit from individual counseling for more personal exploration and support.

I have a unique understanding of the challenges faced by people struggling with alcohol related issues. I’ve helped many achieve recovery. I enjoy this work. I understand their individual challenges and the difficulties involved in altering habits and attachments. Professionally, I encourage the involvement of concerned family members and loved ones as I try to help these individuals find the ultimate joy of freedom from compulsions.

Addictions are not a bad habit. They are driven buy unconscious forces we need to understand.