Relationship Counseling

Bright and welcoming office for Franzi Corman, therapist in Corvallis and Portland, Oregon, specializing in relationships, alcohol abuse and food or dieting issues.Relationships are complicated and confusing. Our need to be loved, to feel close and accepted, sometimes seems so difficult to achieve. What we want is a relationship without anger or blame or shame; one in which we can feel free to be ourselves, and feel comfortable and safe in our partnership.

Most people I have helped, come to me believing they have “communication” issues. In my experience, it goes beyond how we communicate. We learn to behave and cope from our families and from our culture. What we learn from these sources, determines the way we handle issues that come up in our present relationships. In my work with you, we’ll explore your unique experiences, your feelings and your expectations and teach you to identify and resolve problems in communication.

We can’t change our partners; but we can change ourselves! When one partner changes, the relationship changes. In our work together, I can help you develop the skills that will enable you to become the positive change that will enrich all your relationships.

Whether you come in as a couple, or as an individual, we can explore the confusing issues in your relationship and we can work together to create a more confident individual and a more aware and considerate partner; thus enabling you to achieve the deeper bond we all long for.